Kelvin & Joyce Samwata

Serving God in Chingola, Zambia

Kelvin and Joyce Samwata live in Chingola, Zambia

You’ll find a profile of Kelvin here.  He and Joyce have a great heart for serving God through many ways.  One of their weekly tasks is to provide a meal for the street children of their district and they are deeply involved in the running of the Ipusukilo orphanage.

Kelvin is also a member of the board of Amano School at which Hilary Millard also teaches.

How does he fit it all in?  We ask ourselves the same question. So we pray for and support them regularly.


Please pray that the Lord will keep us healthy, safe and will also provide for our daily needs in the midst of the COVID19 pandemic.


We are not yet on “lock down” here in Chingola, and this is very similar to the whole country. There are 3 people under quarantine, and these 3 Zambians had travelled from Pakistan recently. Business, is going on as usual. The Ministry of Health is warning people not to move anyhow. We are not drastically affected here but we are all taking precautionary measures to stay safe and clean. The economic impact of this microscopic virus, I believe, will be greater than the world has ever seen. I fear greatly for the time when the virus starts to spread on our continent of Africa. Maybe the Lord will spare our part of the world. Pray that the Lord will protect and spare us in Zambia and Africa as a whole. God has pushed the “pause button” on the world, especially the Western world and everything has ground to a halt. We are here crying to God that the church will wake up and come out of the world. Revelation 18:4. We are confident in the Lord. He alone does great wonders.

More news from Kelvin:

In Zambia, fear and hopelessness have crept up in families and communities as a result of the Covid-19 virus. Our government has imposed strict restrictions for the month of April which include the closure of schools and churches. However, many people are still not taking strict measures to safeguard themselves, to them it is business as usual. We have been told to stay home and only to leave for groceries or in an emergency. In this crisis we ask ourselves, how do we help? The impact on the 30 day lockdown will be very severe on many people that we know as the majority of the population makes a living or buys food from the informal business sector. Those who can afford to drive to a supermarket only make up a tiny part of the population. Almost 99% of believers in Zambian Assemblies earn their living by buying and selling in informal markets and along the roadsides. Who is going to help the orphans and the less privileged? Who is going to subsidise the common person? Unless we receive a swift intervention from Him who knows no boundaries, starvation and not Covid-19 will be the cause of many deaths in our country. The President of Zambia in his address to the nation committed the country to the LORD for help and asked the church to be in much prayer for the nation.