Lizzie White

Serving God in Abancay, Peru

Lizzie White is currently serving God in Abancay, a town up in the Andes mountains in Peru. She trained as a water engineer and practised in this country but has always had a heart for serving in South America.


Work looks rather different at the moment but there are still things to do. I’m glad to have a comfortable flat to spend all my time in!

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Maintaining relationships with friends in Abancay – I am not very good at picking up the phone, particularly when I feel I’ve been doing that all day and for friendships with neighbours. We (SIM Abancay team) are distributing food parcels on a small scale every couple of weeks. The primary aim is to provide food, but there are also opportunities to encourage people to seek God and to pray with them. Apurímac is one of the least impacted regions health-wise but the economic impacts have been hugh. More activities are being permitted now but cases of Covid-19 continue to rise – pray for desperate people who can’t practicably follow the guidelines, and for the national leadership I produce devotional videos 3 times a week, mainly aimed at students and young professionals, so pray for these both from a content and logistics perspective – sometimes internet does not allow
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