Pastor’s Pitch

At the end of February, a song was written by a group of American songwriters that has gone viral during the pandemic. It has not only been watched a phenomenal amount of times but it has also been sung by over 100 online choirs from many different countries, in many different languages – including one sung in 31 different Indian languages – and by representatives from many different churches across the world. To find the British version search “The UK Blessing”, for your language or country search “The Blessing” followed by your language or country and you will most likely find a version in your language.

So, what is the message that the church across the world wants to communicate? What do we at Elmfield Church want to say to you? What is our prayer for you? That the Lord Jesus will bless you – make you happy. In the midst of this pandemic, brought I might add by the evil one, Satan, the Devil, in the midst of hardship and loss we pray that the Lord will bless you, that the Lord will bless your children and family, that the Lord will bless your finances that the Lord will bless your health. One of the most powerful lines from the song is “He – the Lord Jesus – is for you.” Jesus is on your side, He loves you, He cares for you, He wants the best for you, that is why He died for you, on the cross. Every blessing, आशीर्

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Nick Addington.
Pastor, Elmfield Church
07872 565 783